What areas of Florida do you cover?
Palm Beach County, Broward County, northern Miami-Dade County, Martin County and St. Lucie County
Are you licensed and insured?
Yes, fully license and insured
How long have we been in business?
Since 2000
What’s included in your service?
Installation, maintenance and takedown.  We include all timers, extension cords, staples, etc. to complete the job.  We handle all aspects of the job from beginning to end.
Do we own the lights?
No, all of our product is leased except in special circumstances. We re-use our LED lights for 3 years and then dispose of them. All lights we use are guaranteed and we won’t use any products that are in poor condition.
Can we purchase our Christmas tree, wreath, garland, or menorah?
Not usually, since we handle everything from purchasing the product, purchasing the decorations, decorating the items, delivering and installing them, maintaining them, picking them up and storing them all year, it’s really best to lease.  This way we don’t get in an argument over mishandling of the decorations or who is supposed to fix what and who is to pay for it.  It’s all included in a lease!
What happens if I have a problem with my lights?
You call me, Randy, my cell number is 561-452-8766 and I will arrange for a crew to come out and repair them.  We guarantee to repair or replace them within 48 hours but usually it’s within 24 hours.
Why do my lights go out when it rains?
Most likely because you have what’s called a GFIC outlet which is designed for safety but doesn’t work very well with Christmas lights.  They are designed to be very sensitive and when the lights themselves get wet, not the cords or the connections, they will trip the GFI outlet.  Sprinklers are also a big problem.  I recommend that you don’t have your sprinklers come on when the lights are on (even if that’s in the very early morning hours) because that will shoot water right into the lights!
Why should I use LED lights instead of standard (incandescent) lights?
LED lights are extremely energy efficient (use 80% less power than incandescent lights), very durable (less outages) and will trip the GFI outlets about 80% less than standard (incandescent) lights.

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* All jobs commercial or residential have a minimum of $5,000.